TcpIp library

Provides functionality for TCP-IP communication. This library provides only client functionality.

This library can be initialized

var Tcpip = require('tcpip');

Create TcpIp instantion

Tcpip new Tcpip();

Constructor creates new instance of Tcpip object. For one TCP-IP socket (connection) you need one instance.

Open Tcp-ip connection

open (url, [callback(err)]);

String url - contains url include port number of target destination. For example

Function callback - this function will be invoked after opening connection. Parameter err can contain error message.

ERROR_CODE_ALL_OK - everything is ok

ERROR_CODE_CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND - problem with server connection


ERROR_CODE_IO_EXCEPTION - socket was broken during connection

ERROR_CODE_UNKNOWN_ERROR - something is wrong but nobody know what

Set Tcp-ip options

setOption(option, value);

Number option - option can be select from constants Number value - value for option

Return error code.


SOCKET_OPTION_DELAY - Socket option for the small buffer writing delay. Set to zero to disable Nagle algorithm for small buffer operations. Set to a non-zero value to enable.

SOCKET_OPTION_KEEPALIVE - Socket option for the keep alive feature. Setting KEEPALIVE to zero will disable the feature. Setting KEEPALIVE to a non-zero value will enable the feature.

SOCKET_OPTION_LINGER - Socket option for the linger time to wait in seconds before closing a connection with pending data output. Setting the linger time to zero disables the linger wait interval.

SOCKET_OPTION_RCVBUF - Socket option for the size of the receiving buffer.

SOCKET_OPTION_SNDBUF - Socket option for the size of the sending buffer.

Send data


Function sends any data into socket.

String|ByteBuffer|Array|File data - data which be sent

Function callback - function will be invoked after data sending.

Number error_code

mysock.send(data, function(error_code){
    if (code==mysock.ERROR_CODE_ALL_OK) {



Function closes socket and release all resources.

Receiving data

receivedData(error_code, data)

Number error_code

ByteBuffer data - received data

Function will be invoked when data is incoming.

TCPIP example

var sys = require('system');
var Tcpip = require('tcpip');

var conn = new Tcpip();

conn.receivedData = function(errCode, data){
    sys.println("Incoming event -  err:"+errCode);
    sys.println("Data length:"+data.getSize());

sys.println("Trying to open socket");"", function(err){
  sys.println("Trying to send data");

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