InPort library

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Library provides functionality for inputs (GPIO) reading. Initialize:

var InPort = require('inport');
var pins = ['GPIO11','GPIO12'];
var inport = new InPort(pins);

Read port value

getPort ();

Reads actual value of port.

Monitoring changes of port

When port value is changed, function portChanged(...) will be invoked. This function has to be defined in your code.

portChanged (value);

Number value - It is value of all pins in port.

Example - using InPort

var InPort = require('inport');
var sys = require('system');
var pins = ['GPIO11','GPIO12'];
var inport = new InPort(pins);
inport.portChanged = function(value){
        sys.println("Port changed:"+value);

Release port

Releases an instance of a GPIO port of input pins. The pins of the port are closed as well and can be added to a new port.

release ();

function releases an instance of InPort and close assigned GPIOs.

Example release()


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