Call library

Provides functionality for detecting incoming call or originating outgoing call. Call library has only one instance, there is no constructor.

This library can be initialized

var call = require('call');


Originate phone call

call (phoneNumber, timeout);

String phoneNumber

Number timeout

Function originates call to specified phone number in international format +420777111111. Timeout sets (in seconds) how long call is active before hangup.

Hangup phone call

hangup (type);

Number type

When incoming call is indicated, you can close it by hangup(). Parameter type sets type of call closing.

Use values which are described bellow.


Incoming phone call control

When incoming call is coming, function incomingCall() is invoked from modem. Replace it body for incoming call processing.

incomingCall (number, status, type, count);

String number - caller phone number in international format

Number status - contains call.CALL_TYPE_INCOMING

Number type - contains type of call. It can be DATA, FAX, VOICE, UNSPECIFIED

Number count - contains number of ringings

Call api example - Incoming call and outgoing call

var sys = require('system');
var call = require('call');
    call.incomingCall = function(number , status , type , count){
        sys.println("num:"+number+" status:"+status+" type:"+type+" ringing_counter:"+c
        if (count==5) {

//call to the number 10 seconds"+420111111111",10);

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