ADC library

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Library provides functionality for Analog to Digital converter. Initialize:

var Adc = require('adc');
var adc = new Adc(0,10000);
Adc (channel, interval);

Creates instance of ADC for channel and will automatically measure with interval. Interval can be 0 = no automatic. measure, 100...30000 milliseconds.

Number channel - number of channel.

Number interval - 100...30000 milliseconds. 0 = no periodic. measure.

Read ADC value

getValue ();

Reads actual value of ADC.

Periodically measurement

When new value of ADC is measured, function adcMeasured(...) will be invoked. This function has to be defined in your code.

adcMeasured (values);

Array values - is array which contains all measured values.

Example - Measure ADC values

var Adc = require('adc');
var sys = require('system');
var adc = new Adc(0,10000);
adc.adcMeasured = function(values){
        for (i=0;i<values.length;i++){
            sys.println("adc:"+i+" "+values[i])

Release port

Releases an instance of a ADC.

release ();

function releases an instance of ADC.

Example release()


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